Benefits of white noise

Many people discuss the benefits of white noise for a massive array of reasons. The benefits of white noise have been discussed by health care professionals and hearing doctors as a way to temporarily reduce anxiety or to increase focus and concentration.

In the interest of dispelling some myths about white noise, this article proves to show where it comes from, what it is, and how it can be useful.

What is white noise?

To start off, lets say what it’s not. It is more than just the sound you hear every day. It is much more calming, and essentially a signal of equal intensity across a wide span of different frequencies.

When hearing a white noise, sound at all frequencies are being flooded into your ear drum, the same way white light represents all the wavelengths of light. While variation may be present, the concept still stands. Essentially, a white noise creates a blanket of sound that overlays all the existing sound, giving you a calm, cool, and collected focus.

White noise for the home

The most popular use for white noise is for aiding people who need help sleeping due to hearing disabilities, health conditions, or to add a calming sensation. It is excellent for sleeping for numerous reasons, the first and most importantly, is by providing a distraction to the brain. To remove stress, your mind will focus on the noise instead of floating your thoughts through your mind while you are trying to sleep.

Standard phone with headphones and a white noise playlist.

White noise for studying or working

White noise is proven to increase concentration in the workplace. By playing white noise through your speakers or over a radio, workers are not frustrated to talk or make their own noises to fill the deadly silence that can exist in some work places. Additionally, workers are more free to ignore sounds others make such as shuffling of feet, adjusting of chairs, hum of fans, or even others phone calls. White noise is a great alternative to music, because the lyrics cannot be a distraction to the listener.

White noise for vacationing

Bringing a white noise playlist on the road is a great way to focus on the road, reduce stress associated with travel, and not to be distracted by music while driving at high speeds. Many people claim that it’s not possible for them to sleep on a plane, however we have found that through the use of white noise playlists, many people find that this allows them to better fall asleep on planes. It proves to dampen the engine noise, the crying, the chatting passengers, and gives the listener something to focus on as they doze off.